The header

Thanks for joining me! When WordPress asked what picture I wanted to put on the website’s header. I chose the bland A320 as a header. I could have chosen any other picture, of a B747-8, the longest aircraft in the world, the A380, the one with the highest seats and weight.

I definitely could have went with the B737, the most manufactures jet aircraft of all time, or the A310, the first twin-jet wide-body airliner and the airplane that brought us to where we are today.

That is partly my point: it doesn’t matter, really, I think it is becoming less and less discernible what the two big manufacturers are putting out from their production lines.

It used to be that the B767 had clearly bigger wings and therefore looked to the layman that they were designed for long-haul while the A300/A310 were designed to do more or a heavier lifting and less of a range design.

Being used to spotting aircraft around the world, I am having more and more trouble spotting the difference between the most common Airbus and Boeing Jets, namely the B737 and the A320, take a look at this picture, courtesy of this youtube videomaxresdefault[1]

The layman will not be able to differentiate the two, having flown them myself, I am surprised that I can’t spot the difference a mile away anymore. I used to be!

Now, I look at nose shape or window angle, it used to the shape of the engine or even the wing! This just goes to show that the industry, for anything that is tried and tested will propagate it in search of increasingly slimmer margins. A sharklet on the A320 will reduce the fuel burn by 1% to 3% depending on the length of the sector, however, it also adds some weight.

Not a bad proposition everything considered, though it makes the A320 look like a B737


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