Online Training

Being involved in some sorts of paper-pushing in the airline were I work ( I am not proud of it, hehe), I was surprised to see some of the most respectable training managers sign up on the project to move the majority of our training to an online system. I used to look at these individuals as trainers and that they had a an important role in the overall safety of our operations.

The rationale behind it seems to be that our pilots are not flying as many days as they should, and that they are wasting far too many days to train in classrooms. They are also having us to qualify instructors, trainers, etc.. Therefore it made financial sense to “outsource” those training to another provider, the World Wide Web. We can even download the material on the company issued tablets and do the training on them

Those pesky pilots! Let them study on the airplanes, where they should be!

At least that was what I understood. In the thinning margin of airlines in the world, every buck counts, and if you are a cost center, you need to look like you are doing your best to keep the cost down.

I was surprised that these “pilots-turned-paper-pushers” are happy with the training pilots are receiving. While the  I basically clicked through the online course without understanding half of what the monotonous voice was chirping at me.

I tried to explain that some of the material was outdated and that some was incorrect, however, it seems to me that the target was shown to the top-brass upstairs and it fit with the direction of the airline.

I just hope that no incidents occur in the mean time, with “poor training” as a contributing factor

Peace, Out!


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